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OKI Wireless LAN Module OUT OF STOCK
Wireless LAN module B432/412/512 MC853/MC873/MC883 MC573/MC563 C532/C542/C332 C612/C712 823/C843DN
£36.75   Add
Oki Duplex Unit
Duplex Unit for the C130N ONLY. Save paper and money by printing on both sides of a page.
£48.41   Add
Second tray for B4400/B4600. Expand capacity to 750 sheets by adding the 500-sheet second paper tray.
£57.49   Add
Oki 2nd Paper Tray
2nd Paper Tray for MB460/MB470/MB480 increasing standard paper supply by 530 sheets.
£120.68   Add
Oki 44575714 OUT OF STOCK
2nd Paper Tray B432 / 412 / 512 / MB472 / 492 / 562
£125.22   Add
£137.61   Add
Oki Duplex Unit
Duplex module for B710/B720/B730. Double sided printing.
£173.81   Add
Oki 3rd/4th Paper Tray
3rd/4th Paper Tray for B710/B720/B730. Increase the paper capacity by 550 or 1100 sheets by adding these trays.
£214.82   Add
Oki 1GB Compact Flash Memory for B6500Series
Store forms - greatly reduce data size of print jobs, Can enable printer to replace dot matrix printers by storing the fonts on the printer allowing the application to continue to send just the dynamic data to the printer.
£219.35   Add
Product Description
Price (ex VAT)

Speed up your printer by adding up to 8MB of extra memory to Okipage 14EX/IN

The Memory Expansion card provides a low-cost solution for adding addition Memory SIMM's and Flash Memory SIMM's to the OKIPAGE 14 Series printers.

Adding the RS-232 interface card ensures continued support for existing hardware in the field and for other non-computer devices.

Speed up your printer by adding up to 16MB of extra memory to Okipage 14EX/IN

Where serial interface is required to the printer, the optional serial card can be fitted by the user

Speed up your printer by adding up to 32MB of extra memory to Okipage 14EX/IN

The PostScript emulation allows users to print from applications using PostScript language drivers

This 16MB Flash SIMM allows you to store forms, barcodes, macros, logos and fonts permanently inside your printer. The flash upgrade SIMMs plug straight onto the printer motherboard to extend functionality and productivity of the printer.

2nd Paper Tray - 530 sheets

For B6100 Series. Like PCs, printers work faster with more memory.

5 GB internal hard drive, including Mounting Kit for B6100 Series
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