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Oki Optional 2nd Paper Tray OUT OF STOCK
Optional 2nd Paper Tray - Adds an additional paper capacity of 535 sheets of 80gsm - Compatible with OKI MC873 MC853 MC883
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Oki 45893702
Cabinet - This free-standing cabinet can hold reams of paper spare toners or image drums - Compatible with MC873 MC853 MC883
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Product Description
Price (ex VAT)
Oki Caster Base
MC760/770/780 Caster Base
£96.89   Add
Oki Optional Paper Tray 530Sht
MC760/770/780 Optional Paper Tray 530Sht
£103.00   Add

A second tray for your C5550MFP provides increased flexibility and low user intervention You can enhance productivity, reduce user interventions and provide print flexibility. Ideal for environments with higher prints volumes or higher number of users.

Enables sophisticated features such as password protected Secure Print collate print and storage of forms logos and fonts.

2nd Paper Tray for C9600/C9650/C9800/C9655 series. The C9650 second paper tray effectively doubles the paper capacity of your printer ensuring far less time filling the printer with paper.

Optional 2nd/3rd lockable trays to ensure that media stock can be protected from theft which is particularly useful in public areas and where the printer is shared.
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